Delaware Hikes Array of Fees, Boosts Yearly Revenue for Transportation Trust Fund

AASHTO Journal, 17 July 2015

New budget legislation will increase revenue to Delaware’s Transportation Trust Fund by about $48 million a year, news reports say, while the Delaware Department of Transportation plans to make other changes for a total of $55 million a year in new funding for infrastructure projects.

cohan300.jpg Cohan

The General Assembly passed a budget and related measures that hike an array of fees at the Division of Motor Vehicles starting Oct. 1 to raise a projected $24 million, and allow a matching amount to be raised in new borrowing.

“Additionally, the budget moves $5 million of Department of Transportation operating expenses to the general fund to free up more funding for construction projects,” Gov. Jack Markell said as he signed it into law July 1.

Markell said he was “especially pleased that we have taken a major step toward properly funding our infrastructure and addressing our Transportation Trust Fund shortfall, so DelDOT can effectively improve the safety of our roads and bridges, reduce congestion, support economic development and create quality middle-class jobs.”

On July 9, Transportation Secretary Jennifer Cohan and other DelDOT officials briefed state reporters on the financing outlook, and said the agency would also increase its fees for overweight load permits.

Reports said that combining all those pieces – DMV fees, borrowing, overweight fees and shifting some DelDOT operating costs to the general fund – means the agency would have $55 million more a year for project investments once all the measures take effect.

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