State Transportation Funding Proposals Detailed In New AASHTO Web Resource

AASHTO News, 15 April 2013

WASHINGTON — From Arizona to Wyoming, 30 states so far have proposed funding initiatives since December 2012, to repair, replace, or build a wide range of transportation projects including roads, bridges, railways, and bicycle and pedestrian trails.

The AASHTO Center for Excellence in Project Finance at has complied a comprehensive listing of state transportation funding proposals that have been or are being considered.

The collation of data called Examination of Recent State Transportation Funding Proposals has been posted on the Center’s website, and it includes a variety of funding mechanisms such as Maryland’s recently approved gasoline tax increase and Missouri’s proposed reduction to the state gas tax coupled with an increase in the average wholesale price of motor fuels. Where available, the data also includes information on state transportation funding needs and it gives estimates of how much revenue may be generated. This resource will be updated on a biweekly basis in order to provide timely information on state transportation funding activities.

To find the report, along with a collection of other transportation-related funding and financial information, visit the AASHTO Center for Excellence in Project Finance website at

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